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​Proposed Program will assist families  Read
Read Full ProgramOnly One GOP Candidate Has Responded to Letter for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime.  Read

Watch Laura Wilkerson's testimony at the House Judiciary Committee on April 19, 2016 in Washington D.C. 

Read more about Mrs. Wilkerson and her son Joshua who was the victim of illegal alien crime, here.

Maria Espinoza

National Director

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Jim Binger, father of raped, murdered teenage child, Brittany, frustrated with decade of trial delays.  Video

A Note from the Director:

The Remembrance Project is a non-partisan educational foundation which is barred by Internal Revenue Service rules from endorsing any candidate for political office, or participating in any candidate’s campaign. The appearance of individual Remembrance Project victim’s family members, or group of such members, at any candidate’s political event to educate the public and draw attention to the entirely preventable and heartbreaking loss of their loved ones due to the illegal presence of criminal aliens in our country, DOES NOT constitute an endorsement of that candidate by the Remembrance Project or any of its affiliated organizations.

         ~ Maria Espinoza, National Director                        

    Our "Stolen Lives Quilt" initiative gives a voice to the thousands of Americans whose lives have been "stolen".

     The Quilt is made up of 3' x 6' banners that display the faces, names, and short story of three victims.  The Quilt is intended to be taken to and displayed at rallies, city council meetings, vigils, and state houses across America; anywhere we can to remind people of the continuing injustice, unspeakable loss and suffering of our families.
     Since late 2012, The Quilt has reached more than 16 states.  We're working hard to memorialize victims in every state.  We need you to be our eyes and ears, and to build America's Quilt that serves to inform leaders that we are taking a stand for the sake of our American familes who are victims of illegal alien killings.
     We must insist that our public servants uphold all laws, in order to keep our families safe and to protect our jobs and resources.

Help send families to our 
SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2016
Houston, Texas



The Chris Salcedo Show: Illegal Immigration, NOT a Victimless Crime

Thank you to Chris Salcedo, a true Patriot, for featuring The Remembrance Project in your three-part series, "Illegal Immigration, NOT a Victimless Crime".  

You can hear the stores of Dan Golvach, Laura Wilkerson, Billy Inman, Kent Terry, Laura Benavides, Maureen Maloney, Juan Benavides & Bill Hartnell, here

​  Where is the justice for our children? Make America safe again!

Awaiting justice for Felicia, who was stabbed over 39 times nearly 17 years ago.  Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz still waiting for justice. 

Juan Pena, father of raped, beaten, & murdered 14 year old Christy Sue Pena:  "Why won't Mexico cooperate?"