Stolen Lives Quilt

Our "Stolen Lives Quilt" initiative gives a voice to the thousands of Americans whose lives have been "stolen" and who no longer have a voice.

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2013 National Campaign

Join the campaign to unite the families of the victims killed by illegal aliens, place the interest of American families at the forefront, and locate Leaders in each state to give a voice to the victims.

SLQ Tour

The Remembrance Project is taking the Stolen Lives Quilt initiative across the country in order to bring attention to American who have been killed by illegal aliens.

Press Release:

Families of Murdered Victims and State Directors Support Judge's Injunction

"We are so thankful that the Judge did his job, and it makes us feel like there is hope for our families.  So many people are fighting to save our country and it is very encouraging, said Mr. Jamiel Shaw, Sr.  Read

Letter to Pres. Obama:  
"Fees Collected from Illegal Aliens Should be Used as Restitution to Families of Victims."

The Remembrance Project penned a letter to Pres. Obama asking for the fees collected from illegal alien DACA recipients to be used to pay restitution to the families of the victims of illegal aliens. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkerson and friends gather to remember their son, Joshua. 


Dominic Durden - A Tribute
"They didn't put a white sheet over him.  They took an American flag off of the truck and covered him..."  video


The Remembrance Project traveled to Michigan with the "Stolen Lives Quilt"

Bay City, Michigan - by Andrew Dodson: "We want our leaders to uphold current laws and to detract from bringing in more illegal aliens," Espinoza said. 



Jamiel Shaw, I, Testifies at Oversight Committee, "All families matter." 


WASHINGTON TIMES:  Secretary of Homeland Security sent a memo to police chiefs and sheriffs across the country warned of cuts in grant dollars if Congress did not accept all of Obama's proposed DHS budget.  An act that Sheriff Smith feels was inappropriate and unprofessional.   read

CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES by Jessica Vaughn: Nat'l Remembrance Day for Those Killed by illegal aliens  read


About Us

The Remembrance Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was created in 2009 to honor and remember Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens. The Remembrance Project educates, raises awareness, and conducts outreach in order to support and protect Americansand their families' well-being and safety through upholding U.S. laws and following the Constitution.

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