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Media Ignore Americans Killed By Illegal Alien "DREAMers", Breitbart, T.Lee, 8/26/13.  Read

Tea Party Groups to Hold Town Hall in Richmond, Virginia, M.Boyle, August 12.   Read

Mother Whose Son Murdered by Illegal Alien DREAMer Breaks Down at Rally, Breitbart, M. Boyle, ReadVideo

Victims of Ilegal Alience Violence Plead, Breitbart, by Matthew Boyle, 6/26/2013. Read

Victims of Illegal Immigrant Violence Also Oppose Amnesty Bill, New American, D.Tolleson, 6/5/13.  Read

Tea Party Patriots - Opposing amnestying, standing with American victims.  View/readvideo (Jenny Beth, Maria, George, Sen. Sessions)

Founder Pleads with Congress to Oppose S.744, M Espinoza, 6/3/2013. Read

Daughter's of Liberty, "It's Your Choice: America or S.744" Read

Victims of Illegal Alien Violence Also Oppose Amnesty Bill, ALIPAC 6/6/2013.  Read