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Mom Who Says Daughter Was Killed By Man In US. Illegally Stands By Trump

Historical Moment With POTUS

Father: Blood On Their Hands

Remembrance Project Director: Trump Is Increasing Safety


The Remembrance Project National Conference - Remembrance Luncheon Donald Trump Speech- 9-17-2016, Houston, TX.  

Breitbart, 9-17-2016 - Trump to Victims of Illegal Alien Crime: You Have Been 'Forced into the Shadows'

Channel 2 Houston, 9-17-2016 - Trump visits Houston, promises to stop illegal immigration.

​​CNN, 9-17-2016 - Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on Illegal Immigration

​​Washington Times, 9-15-2016, Austin, TX - Donald Trump gives unparalleled platform to families of illegal immigrants’ victims.

​KHOU, 9-8-2016, Houston, TX - Donald Trump to meet with Remembrance Project in Houston

​9-2016, MARIA ESPINOZA FOX & FRIENDS: Trump Truth 'Refreshing' 

​Breitbart, 1-5-2016 - Maria Espinoza: Obama Didn’t Cry For Americans Slaughtered By Illegal Immigrants

​Sean Hannity News, 4-2-16, Only One GOP Candidate Has Responded to Letter for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime

At First California Rally, Trump Honors Families Of Those Killed By Illegal Aliens

Only One GOP Candidate Has Responded to Letter for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime -

Victims of Illegal Alien Crime on ‘Sham’ Colorado Cruz Win: This Is ‘Third World Tyranny

Jailers decry cuts in program to reimburse them for holding immigrants

​​Donald Trump’s latest ad features father of teen killed by an illegal immigrant

​​‘It’s Time’: Mother of Police Officer Killed By Illegal Immigrant Pens Open Letter to GOP Candidates


11-17-2015 The Anti-Immigration Activist Who Set The Stage For Donald Trump

10-2015, Washington, DC, Ginni Thomas- Advocate For Victims Of Illegal Aliens: Trump’s Message ‘Resonates With All Demographics'

​8-3-2015- Mothers of Children Killed by Illegals Demand Democrats Censure Luis Gutierrez

The Chris Salcedo Radio Show 3 Part Series: 

Illegal Immigration, Not a Victimless Crime

Part 2 (Audio)

Part 3 (Audio)

Families of Victims Murdered By Illegal Aliens To House Republicans: ‘No Paul Ryan’

​​Families of slain victims meet with Trump

Remembrance Project Director: Americans Don’t Know Real Stats About Illegal Immigrant Crimes, Murders Because Lawmakers Beholden to Pro-Amnesty Donors

Sheryl Attkisson's Full Measure: Sanctuary City Crime-Part 1

Sheryl Attkisson's Full Measure: Sanctuary City Crime- Part 2

Families Storm Washington

Families "No Paul Ryan"